Mission     Date  Launch
 Recap  Picture
NSL-1  8/22/2010 Horseshoe Farm Park  This was our first attempt at a launch. It was almost immediately lost! Luckily, a farmer found it a week after and contacted us and we were able to retrieve the pictures.   
NSL-2  8/22/2010  Horseshoe Farm Park NSL-2 was launched a few hours after NSL-1 was lost and was created from the leftover parts we had available.   We already had an extra balloon and extra helium, and Jonathan Trappe loaned us his Spot to use for tracking.  It was a very successful flight flying from Rolesville, NC to Rocky Mount, NC where it landed about 70 feet up in a poison ivy covered tree.  We spotted it visually almost immediately after it landed but it took about 4 hours and several trips to the hardware store we were able to retrieve it. We submitted this as our entry to Hackers in Space and won 4th place overall.
NSL-3  8/26/2010  Horseshoe Farm Park The NSL-3 Balloon launched at 8:55am, Sunday, September 26 at 8:30am from Horseshoe Farm Park in Rolesville, NC.  Payload was recovered at 12:40pm 5 miles north of Centerville just off Hyw 58.  
NSL-4  4/12/2011 Techshop RDU  This was the launch to honor Yuri's day and was our only evening launch. Storms were rolling in as we launched and there was some rain. It included the still camera and Spot, but we lost the Spot data about 30 minutes into the flight and never received any more telemetry data. It was eventually recovered almost a year later when someone found the capsule and called us.   
NSL-5  ??/??/2011 ????     
NSL-6  6/18/2011 Maker Faire NC   The NSL-6 Balloon was launched at 2:51pm, Saturday, June 18, 2011 from MakerFaire at the NC State Fairgrounds.  With a 5 hour flight time, it reached a height of 60,827 ft and traveled 80 miles. Recovered at 7:40pm near Ayden, NC.
NSL-7  6/16/2012 Maker Faire NC   NSL-7 was launched from the 2012 Maker Faire NC.  
NSL-8  6/30/2012 Techshop RDU  Techshop RDU Grand Open House Launch   
NSL-9  11/17/2012 Horseshoe Farm Park   Treecat in Near Space  
NSL-10  5/27/2013 Horseshoe Farm Park   Memorial Day 2013 Hydrogen Gnome Launch  
NSL-11  6/15/2013 Maker Faire NC 

Garner, NC
 This was an attempt at a launch from the 2013 NC Maker Faire.  Unfortunately, the balloon slipped off the filler and floated away without the payload.

NSL-11B flight included on this page as well.
NSL-12  7/12/2013 Durham Bulls Athletic Park   First Library In Space Launch from a Durham Bulls baseball Game  
NSL-13  7/27/2013 North Durham Regional Library   Second First Library In Space Launch after the first one was temporarily lost.  
NSL-14  8/17/2013 Burlington Mini Maker Faire   Burlington Mini Maker Faire
NSL-15  8/24/2013 Rocky Mount Mills   Rocky Mount Mills Launch (107,644 feet altitude)  
NSL-16  9/14/2013 Lake Benson Park   Lake Benson Launch (119,079 feet altitude)  
NSL-17 10/12/2013 
Greensboro Odyssey   Greensboro flight  
NSL-18 10/19/2013Triangle Math and Science Academy   School flight  
NSL-19  11/3/2013Mebane NC  Low level test of several ideas / technologies.  Max altitude 103,205ft and gathered some useful data.  Landed in a cypress swamp.  
NSL-20 11/22/2013Lewisville NC High altitude attempt.  Made it to 142,022ft with two video cameras.  Met a lot of nice folks during the recovery from 100' up a tree.
NSL-212/22/2014Siler City, NCLow level test of several ideas / technologies.  Night flight.  Max altitude 91Kft and gathered some useful data.  Landed in another swamp. 
NSL-224/5/2014Greensboro, NC Greensboro's Triad Math and Science Academy 
NSL-234/12/2014Burlington Mini Maker Faire Burlington Mini Maker Faire and Yuri's Night 
NSL-244/18/2014Siler City, NCFirst flight during Global Space Balloon Challenge.  Similar to NSL-20, but didn't land in a tree ! 
NSL-254/19/2014Durham, NCSecond flight during Global Space Balloon Challenge.  Low level flight with lots of video of rain. 
NSL-265/4/2014Greensboro, NCThird flight during Global Space Balloon Challenge.  WINNER for altitude. 
NSL-276/7/2014Raleigh, NCNC Maker Faire
NSL-287/26/2014Raleigh, NCTest 1 of AP510
NSL-298/23/2014Raleigh, NCTest 2 of AP510, duck flight 1 
NSL-309/21/2014Durham, NCKory's high altitude flight 
NSL-3110/4/2014Durham, NCFamily Fest Flight 
NSL-3210/27/2014Durham, NCEvening flight 
Asheville, NCHigh altitude test flight 
NSL-342/8/2015Yadkinville, NCHigh altitude test flight 
NSL-354/12/2015Yadkinville, NCHigh altitude flight for GSBC 
NSL-364/23/2015Raleigh, NCTrilogy School 
NSL-374/25/2015Burlington, NCBurlington Mini Maker Faire A 
NSL-384/25/2015Burlington, NCBurlington Mini Maker Faire B 
NSL-395/17/2015Raleigh, NCGlider test 
NSL-407/25/2015North Raleigh, NCFalcon flight 
NSL-419/19/2015Raleigh, NCGlider test 
NSL-4212/5/2015Pittsboro, NCX-wing flight 
NSL-432/28/2016Apex, NCHigh altitude glider  
NSL-444/6/2016 Durham, NCCreekside Eagle 1 
NSL-454/17/2016 Raleigh, NC Glider fun flight 
NSL-464/23/2016 Burlington, NCBurlington Mini Maker Faire 
NSL-477/9/2016Apex, NCGlider fun flight 
NSL-488/13/2016Newton Grove, NCTest flight with Ben 
NSL-499/10/2016Apex, NCGlider fun flight 
NSL-509/24/2016Greensboro, NCGreensboro Mini Maker Faire 
NSL-512/19/2017Apex, NCTechnology test flight 
NSL-524/22/2017Burlington, NCBurlington Maker Faire 
NSL-535/8/2017Greensboro, NCKiser Middle School flight 
NSL-545/18/2017Raleigh, NCThe Franciscan School flight 
NSL-555/20/2017Apex, NCHigh altitude fun flight 
NSL-566/12/2017Garner, NCLoRa SSDV test flight 
NSL-577/4/2017Apex, NCFlight for the Girl Scouts of America 
NSL-588/21/2017Athens, TNSolar eclipse 
NSL-598/21/2017Murphy, NCSolar eclipse 
NSL-6010/7/2017Apex, NCHigh altitude glider flight 
NSL-614/6/2018Siler City, NCLoRa test flight 
NSL-625/3/2018Raleigh, NCCardinal Gibbons High School flight 
NSL-634/28/2018Burlington, NCBurlington Maker Faire 2018 
NSL-645/1/2018  Greensboro, NCKiser Middle School 2018 
NSL-657/8/2018 Apex, NC PITS and 360 camera test flight  
NSL-669/13/2018 Apex, NC Hurricane Florence flight  
NSL-6710/12/2018     Apex, NCPITS landing prediction test flight  
NSL-6811/25/2018 Siler City, NC GoPro 360 camera flight  
NSL-693/14/2019 Apex, NC TTGO T-Beam test flight  
NSL-705/10/2019Raleigh, NCCardinal Gibbons High School flight  
 NSL-71 5/16/2019 Greensboro, NC Kiser Middle School student flight 
 NSL-72 5/19/2019 Apex, NC  Sunrise flight 
 NSL-73 5/26/2019 Raleigh, NC Yeast experiment 
 NSL-74 6/25/2019 Apex, NC  Night SpaceX flight 
 NSL-75 9/6/2019 Raleigh, NC Hurricane Dorian 
 NSL-76 9/15/2019 Raleigh, NC Kings Entertainment 
 NSL-77 11/2/2019  Apex, NC Daytime Antares launch 
 NSL-78 12/19/2019 Raleigh, NC ATW hardware test flight 
 NSL-79 1/29/2020 Raleigh, NC   Around The World 1 
 NSL-80 2/9/2020 Hillsborough, NC Sunset flight 
 NSL-81 5/30/2020 Apex, NC Tracker tests 
 NSL-82 6/13/2020 Apex, NC Sunrise tests 
 NSL-83 6/20/2020 Apex, NC Tracker tests 
 NSL-84 7/11/2020 Apex, NC More tracker tests 
 NSL-85 7/25/2020 Apex, NC BRIGHTLinks student flight 
 NSL-86 8/7/2020 Apex, NC Stabilizing test 
 NSL-87 10/2/2020 Aberdeen, NC Night Antares launch 
 NSL-88 4/4/2021Siler City, NC  360 degree camera and wing 
 NSL-89 4/11/2021 Apex, NC Pico around-the-world attempt 
 NSL-90 5/2/2021 Apex, NC IR-cut filter flight 

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