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Memorial Day Hydrogen Balloon Launch

Date: Monday 27 May 2013
Time: 8am setup, 9am release
Launch Location: Horse Shoe Farm Park, 2928 Horse Shoe Farm Road, Wake Forest, NC
Launch Time: 9.42am
Landing Location: 35.546360, -78.056610
Landing Time: 11.28am
Max Altitude: 25867 meters (84864 feet) at 11.03am
Flight Time: 1hr 46m

NC Near Space Research launched NSL-10 on Monday, May 26 at 9.42am from Horse Shoe Farm Park, Wake Forest, NC.

NSL-10 Gnome
Gnome Mission Complete: Altitude 25867 meters (84864 feet)

Watch the Launch Video

APRS Tracking
APRS Tracking

SPOT says it has Landed
SPOT says - the balloon has landed

GPS coords of landing location
GPS coords of landing from SPOT