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NSL-16 launch out of Garner NC's, Lake Benson Park the morning of Sept 14, 2013.
It was a nice morning and we were after some sunrise pics as well as a high altitude attempt.  The payload (400g) was a Spot, a Bigredbee 2M APRS beacon and recorder, and a Tachyon HD video camera.  The cell was a Totex 1500g with both H2 and He left over from previous flights.  Balloon up at 0649EDT. 


We got 2.5hrs of video including some nice J.J. Abrams shots.


It was retrieved it just northwest of Wilson, hanging in a tree about 12' off of the ground.


Max recorded altitude (onboard data) 119,331 ft !!           Our APRS transmitted max was 119,079 ft
Our payload reached about 157 mph during its free fall 'reentry'.