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This flight was a proof-of-concept flight for a few items -- a small cell that would only be up for a couple of hours.
As the jet stream has been sitting on top of us, it was decided to launch to the west of the RTP in an attempt to keep the payload from landing in the ocean. We are glad that we did this, as the flight went higher/longer than expected.  We would be happy with 90,000 ft but made it to 103,205 ft.

We had three video cameras on board, but sadly one of them had a problem with its storage card, so only two recorded.  We tested out extended storage and batteries, so we ended up with about 14 hours of video to go through.

Here are video stills of burst from two wide-angle cameras on either side of the payload:




Lots of nice shots of the terminator across the earth at sunset.

Recovery took a bit longer than usual as we ran out of daylight... and it landed in a cypress swamp.