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On Saturday 2/22/2014, we launched NSL-21 as another proof-of-concept flight.  Similar to NSL-19, we used the blue box and a 600g H2 cell to test some ideas in a night flight.  The intention was a sunset launch followed by a dark night flight in clear skys over central NC.  Due to strange weather forecasts, this ended up being a last minute event.

The flight went VERY long and was a nail biter.  It finally came down less than three miles from saltwater!  At a few hundred feet it appeared to be headed for a large field, but at the last second it decided to change course 180 degrees and land in a swamp.

Test for this flight include:
-Mod of 808 camera for low light (remove IR filter and load special code).
-Test of Mobius (next generation 808 camera) with low light settings.
-Test RF shielding around cameras.  Mobius is known to cause GPS interference.
-Test effect of bottom-hung chute on ascent rates and payload stability.
-Check out our new H2 supply, fill measurements, and viability of two launches per $25 tank.
-Test of waders for swamp recovery  :)

Launch prep and launch was great.  We had a nice comfortable picnic table to set up on.

 Mobius camera set to low light (6 hours of video recorded):

808 camera without IR filter (9 hours of video recorded.  Filled 32GB card):  
Note how well rivers and different vegetation shows up.

Comparison of projected flight (no under-hung chute) with actual: