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4/12/14  We participated in the Burlington Maker Faire again in 2014.  We had a great time and met a lot of cool folks at the mall that day.  
We tried out a new style of balloon for us and loaded it up for a quick flight to keep it away from downtown Raleigh. 

The mall seconds after liftoff             and 3 minutes later (mall in lower left)

The winds were gusty at launch and very turbulent throughout the flight


We left the clouds behind as we approached Raleigh                          Some sort of smoke near Fayetteville (left) and a jet far below us (right)

Launch 1417EDT  Pop 1456EDT    A very fast flight, but that was a good idea in these winds.  It was a great way to celebrate Yuri's Night.

Its landing site between Durham and Raleigh           Flight path of NSL-23