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Second launch during the 2014 Global Space Balloon Challenge.

Launched 19 April 2014.
Recovered 21 April 2014 from the NC State Experimental Beef Farm in Butner, NC.

Max altitude: 65,088 ft @ 10:58 EDT (Data from onboard GPS logger)

Mostly drizzle or storms all weekend.  We were able to set up and fill from under a picnic shelter, but the balloon was thoroughly soaked during ascent.  The flight payload was a common configuration:  600g balloon (H2), parachute, Spot in its own box, and a lunch cooler with Mobius and hacked Canon.

With the constant cloud cover, there wasn't much to see up there.
There were no signs in the data streams of decreasing ascent rate just before burst.  We believe that the balloon failed prematurely.

Predicted flight (yellow) and actual flight (blue).