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NSL-7 was a rousing success!  Here are a few of videos of the launch courtesy of spectators in the crowd.

NSL-7 Launch

NSL-7 Launch (another view)

NSL-7 Launch (alternate view)


It reached 87,500 feet before bursting and coming back to earth. Here is the path it took (click here for the full KML file):

NSL-7 Track Log

NSL-7 was launched from the 2012 Maker Faire NC at around 12:45pm local time.

This was the capsule that was launched.  The orange device is a SPOT GPS tracker.  The circuit boards are a Trackuino board connected to a TinyTrak MicroAmp 3.  It will be transmitting standard APRS packets on 146.39 Mhz under the callsign AK4CH-11. Hopefully it will show up on this map - http://triangleaprs.net/wiki/AK4CH-11_Balloon Also included in the capsule are a still camera pointed at the horizon that will take a picture every 30 seconds, an HD Go Pro video camera pointed at the horizon and an SD Go Pro video camera pointed at the ground.  

NSL-7 Science Experiments

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The WRAL Weather Blog wrote up a nice article about us.